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Foundation Friends:

We can’t wait to see you in Seattle for this year’s Fall Conference. We’re taking an exciting new approach to conference planning—one that includes “real-time” opportunities to talk about new ideas, try some new tools and check out new and innovative ways to be more effective in our communities. And we’ve built in plenty of time for re-connecting with old friends and making new ones!

This year’s Fall Conference Planning Committee is encouraging a fun-spirited attitude toward conference learning. Our inspiration comes from today’s popular FISH! Philosophy, a customer service philosophy from Seattle’s World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. This year’s energized learning environment will help renew and build your enthusiasm for community philanthropy. New conference events—such as specialized workshops and walking tours—are great ways to learn and connect beyond the session rooms.

Community foundations are now working closely together on many important field-wide issues, and this connectedness is a powerful tool ready to be used for greater social good. Yet, this collective work environment brings us new challenges in building effective resources and teams.

The conference theme, Community Knowledge at Work, is intended to get us all talking—talking about the wealth of knowledge and expertise within our community foundations and how we can use this knowledge for greater impact. This conference begins to explore how we can build our capacities as knowledge centers, become more proactive and be more effective community leaders.

Continuing the creative and fun-loving atmosphere, attendees will enjoy cocktails and socialize with peers at the Experience Music Project, Seattle’s dynamic and ever-changing museum dedicated to American popular music. Special thanks to the staff of the Seattle Foundation for their incredible support on planning the many site visits, walking tours and the Evening Networking event!

See you in Seattle!


This CD-ROM is a perfect complement to the conference and allows you to capture and retain 100% of the educational material presented. Bring the conference home with you for training, session review or to share with those unable to attend.

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